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Ficlist: Sept 2010 - September 2011 - updated 12th February 2011

This is a list of all the fic I’ve done on LJ, and it's under headers that state the MAIN pairing of each fic ( although there may be mentions of others). This is just to make it easier to find them :D I put consecutive series in chronological order. Yes, some things fall into two categories…
Please read warnings and spoiler alerts if you go to read the fic. They vary a lot.

Grey text is unfinished fics that are also listed on the other fic table (where they started) and new chapters added to them will be in the usual cream colored hyperlinks.

Fic List Sept 09-10


--- Movies:


The Full Moon and the New Dawn
Hephaistion seeks comfort in a friend

-- RPS:


What Do You See?
Shannon wants to  undersand Scarlee and things don't go as planned. Part of the Scarlet Woman 'Verse
One ll (Interlude) ll Two

Apples and Oranges - oneshot
Stuck on a train with Jared faring badly beside him, Shannon's solution throws up unhappy memories

the Gifted series
Written for the Kynxpirations Anonymous Kink Meme 7 from separate prompts, Shannon goes away and brings something for Jared when he returns that starts a new phase in thei relationship.
1. Nipple Play (from the prompt "Nipple Play")
2. Round Two (from the prompt "Jared/Shannon - stirrups, rough sex")
3. They Say It Steals Your Soul (from the prompt "Sex in front of a mirror")

Written for the Kynxpirations Anonymous Kink Meme 7 for the prompt: Jared as a 9yo/regressed to childhood

Written for the Kynxpirations Anonymous Kink Meme 8 from the prompt: Shannon/Jared, mutual tattoo worship

The Harder the Hand, The Softer The Touch
Written for the Kynxpirations Anonymous Kink Meme 8 from the prompt: Gentle!dom!Shannon
Part One ll Part Two 

Written for the Kynxpirations Anti-Valentines fest for the prompt: Freedom's just another word for nothing' left to lose: Nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free


The Gold Stately

Tim and Jared's road-trip rapidly heads south. Writte for Halloween, based on the song 'Hotel Califonia' by the Eagles.
One ll Two

Going Out and Staying In
Written for the Kynxpirations Anonymous Kink Meme 7 for the prompt: Tim/Jared, Tim has to wear a suit for an occasion (wedding, premier, can be anything) and he's not pleased even if he looks amazing in it
Part 1. Going Out
Part 2. Staying In

Breaking Point
Written for the Kynxpirations Anonymous Kink Meme 8 from the prompt: Angry!Tim





Twincest - I gave Jared an identical twin named Jaren

Bad Boys On Tour
With the release of a new album imminent, Jared, Jaren, Shannon and Tomo need to make sure everything's in order before they tour.
One ll Two

MSCL/30STM Crossover 

SIASL Episode 3;
Stranger In A Strange Land: "Rising Empire"
 - Jared/Jordan Catalano
Traveling to China, the stress of the job gets to everybody. But an old acquaintance shows Jared that sometimes it's best to leave it all on set.
One ll Two ll Three ll Four ll Five ll Six ll Seven ll Eight ll Nine ll Ten ll Eleven ll Twelve ll Thirteen ll Fourteen ll Fifteen ll Sixteen

(Episode One and Episode Two can be found by clicking the links)

Jared/Other and General Other


Written for my own little Anti-Valentine's fest, inspired by the one at Kynxpirations, and based on a quote from Jared.


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